Coloured Asphalt

Aztikinyol - First Coloured Asphalt in Azerbaijan.

Aztikintiyol is now producing coloured asphalt to prestigious projects in and around Baku, including Baku Olympic Stadium and Baku Aquatic Stadium, both for the European games 2015.

Aztikintiyol can match any color that you require. Provide us a color and we will match it. Our color ranges is so wide: light buff, beige, red, green, blue, orange, silver, Aqua, brown and etc.

Coloured Asphalt could be used for: pedestrian pathways, boulevards, sport complexes, urban and rural roads, drive ways, cross roads, school yards and playgrounds, parks, bus lanes and gardens.

İf you want your exterier to be complately different and unusual, we will be glad to help you.

Tel: (+994 12) 499 79 97, (+994 50) 433 48 48; (+944 50) 265 89 73; (+994 50) 286 08 53