Aztikintiyol fully realise that within our business sector the effective management of material haulage and the astute use of transportation resources has a significant impact on our ability to price our services competitively and thus add value to our customer's project.  Consequently we have focused our efforts on developing a sophisticated centrally controlled transport logistics management system. This well planned transportation system managed by skilled and knowledgeable staff helps provide Aztikintiyol with the best transport option for each individual and unique project. Our transport team manage both our in-house inter location transport requirements and the delivery of our end product to our many customers.

Utilizing a mix of both outsourced and our own internal transport resources of over 100 vehicles Aztikintiyol are well placed to meet the transportation demands presented by both large and small scale projects anywhere within Azerbaijan. The strategic positioning of our satellite locations, combined with a versatile mix of transport vehicles, our transport logistic management system and coordinated by a dedicated and skilled department helps Aztikintiyol transport team achieve their principle objective of "Right product, Right Place, Right Time".

Ongoing investment in this important business unit has seen Aztikintiyol seek innovative solutions to our transport service. In recent years Aztikintiyol have introduced a fleet of Volvo trucks equipped with the latest exhaust control technology and dedicated to the delivery of our Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA). This advanced technology allows us to heat the body of the truck thus helping to retain the correct laying temperature range for our Asphalts when arriving on site.

Our transport department retain a number of dedicated delivery drivers that ensure the safety and on-time transfer of the products to the customers. They are all experienced and trained 'in house' to our exacting requirements