Aztikintiyol through the application of our state of the art ASTEC technology, ensure that we produce high quality Asphalt mixes for our customers. These mixes are suitable for various applications including highways, footpaths, car parks, pavements and air fields.

Aztikintiyol offer our customers a full range of asphalt products suitable for every surface application and produced to comply with recognized international standards or to meet the specific specifications of individual customers. We offer standard mix designs for the following main categories of Asphalt.

  • Surface/Wearing  Courses
  • Binder Course
  • Base Courses
  • Stone Mastic Asphalts - SMA.

Our range of Drum and Batch ASTEC Asphalt plants are capable of producing the highest quality Asphalt using the latest technology. Our process plants are fully automated and controlled through advanced PLC technology to ensure maximum control and consistency of our final product mix proportions and temperature. Thus providing our customers a consistent product which can be easily laid and rolled on site in order to achieve the required finished thickness, levels and compaction.  

Please contact our sales team for details of all our products.